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    Ryan Garcia Challenges Jake Paul as Mike Tyson’s Replacement!

    The embattled boxer Ryan Garcia has emerged as a surprise entrant to replace Mike Tyson in the upcoming fight with Jake Paul. The news follows a Tyson health scare on a plane that sent shock waves through the boxing world and cast doubt over the showpiece fight due to take place on July 20.

    Tyson, the 57-year-old former heavyweight champion, started vomiting and had a headache as soon he landed after his ulcer flared up, turning him to be lightheaded on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. Naturally, this incident led to speculation about whether the fight would go forward as scheduled. In the middle of this confusion, Garcia who had tested positive for PEDs after his fight with Devin Haney not too long ago found a way from social to reach Jake Paul. In a direct message, Garcia offered himself as a potential replacement if Tyson couldn’t participate.

    Now, not everything about this is risk free for Garcia‘s challenge to Paul. Despite the huge weight disparity Paul/Nate would have feasted if this was real, fighting a prime age boxer in the form of Garcia still has to be scary for a fight virgin like Paul. Garcia, though, has said he is prepared to replace Tyson his fight against Jones Jr., which could make the contest a little more interesting.

    Despite what Garcia says, To of the undercard’s main attractions was dismissed by Jake Paul as a nonissue Saturday night during an event in Hollywood, Fla., when he assured fans there had been no changes to the boxers’ plans for their bout. “Three, two or one positive test and this fight is off,” Wilder said. “This is what everyone wants.” ”Paul also tweeted slightly after Garcia had sent out his post.

    For now, the Jake Paul vs. Tyson bout still stands as of writing. The man has his people claiming he’s all good… and a-ok. But it has certainly spiced up this weekend’s match-up. Will Garcia ever see an opportunity to enter the ring, or will Tyson be fine in time for their fight? Only time will tell.

    In the sport of boxing, a game where every punch is an unpredictable event just waiting to happen. And while we all wait for more on this, the only thing that is clear—the Mike Tyson vs. Paul fight is even more interesting with a surprise challenge from Garcia.

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