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    Rob Kardashian Can’t Pay Child Support: He Asks For Some Slack

    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are at each other’s throats again.

    Court documents have leaked, showing that the only-male Kardashian is asking for his child support to be lowered. Kardashian claims that his pockets have been drained, and that he can not keep up with the monthly payments. Kardashian and Chyna have 50/50 custody of their two-year-old daughter together, named Dream. Currently, his payments are set at $20,000.

    Kardashian, who was a regular cast member on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has withdrawn himself from the show. “I have not participated in the filming of any episodes since this summer when [Chyna] filed a request for a restraining order against me. Her request was widely publicized and I was scrutinized by the media,” he said. As a result, he has not been able to collect the annual salary of $1 million for his involvement. This is something he states has hurt him financially.

    Kardashian goes on to say, “It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally and I have no desire to continue participating in the reality show. I would like to maintain my privacy, try to recover from the emotional damage of the past several months, and explore other business ventures.”

    He proposes that Chyna take on the roll of paying child support instead, since she allegedly makes more money than him now. Chyna is fighting back on the proposal. The judge assigned the case has, reportedly, stopped all payments until the situation is handled.

    A final decision will be made in December.


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