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    Rising Rap Star TDott Woo Gunned Down

    In recent years, gun violence has taken the lives of rising rap stars and even well-known emcees. The rap community has suffered a major loss after losing such great talents , such as Young Dolph and Pop Smoke. Unfortunately, in 2022 the murders and gun violence continues to rise.

    Recently, New York rapper TDott Woo found himself gunned down outside his home this past week. The rising star just signed his first record deal since starting his rap career. TDott experienced his first taste of real success. Unfortunately, his breakthrough moment came to a screeching halt after he was murdered. When will the violence ever stop?

    TDott Gunned Down Outside His Brooklyn, NY Home

    TDott Woo
    via Good Word News

    After a month into the new year, the rap community loses yet another great talent to gun violence. Last Tuesday, 22-year-old Tahjay Dobson aka rapper TDott Woo, was murdered outside his Brooklyn, NY home of Avenue L in Canarsie. The police report shows that the gunmen shot the rapper in the head, which more than likely meant permanent brain damage.

    Furthermore, a medical team rushed Woo to the Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in an effort to save him. However, the 22-year-old was already pronounced dead upon arrival. Moreover, Dobson’s death came just mere hours after he signed his first deal with record label Million Dollar Records. TDott’s untimely death came too soon.

                      A Tribute For The New York Rapper

    TDott Woo
    via NME

    New York has yielded many great rappers such as Nicki Minaj, Nas, Jay-Z and Cardi B. Unfortunately, not every great talent made it out the slums of New York. Some like TDott didn’t even get the chance to marvel in their success.

    Fortunately, TDott Woo’s new record label and several rap stars paid an honorary tribute to remember the rapper.

    “U Iconic gang !! Energy unmatched… we gon miss u forever,” Bronx rapper Lil Tjay wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

    Additionally, he uploaded a video of TDott Woo performing. New York rapper Lil Tjay wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. Honoring his friend even more, Lil Tjay posted a video of Woo performing in front of thousands of fans.

    It’s clear that the rapper was well on his way to the top. He will be missed.


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