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    Rick Ross’s Ex Tia Kemp Sparks Drama with The Game Lap Dance

    For the past several years, Tia Kemp and Rick Ross have had a tumultuous relationship that has turned everyone into spectators of their public drama. Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ son and something like his archenemy at this point, never misses an opportunity to do some shit for attention on social media.

    Arguably the most meme worthy moment of their beef was Tia Kemp giving rapper The Game a lap dance as he taunted Rick Ross in Los Angeles during 50’s beef with Rick. Both Paul and Stacey viewed this as a very bold move, an aggressive act to the already obvious aggression between them.

    Kemp has a long history of high-profile controversies and public feuds, with several unfolding on social media. She has a long-standing history of calling out Rick Ross and his circle for their boasts, often in aggressive ways. In one incident she even made a public jab at Ross’ girlfriend at the time, Cristina Mackeym strengthening hostilities between Magan and herself.

    Tia Kemp and Rick Ross have been feuding for a few years with both parties taking jabs at each other on social media. The conflicts have gone from child support battles to name-calling on social media. Kemp, meanwhile, has continued to paddle Ross with incendiary comments and misbehaviors that keep the two quarrelling in public.

    The drama has only escalated, with the two of them sometimes dragging other celebs into their squabbles. In one case, Kemp participated in an online exchange with Drake; this inspired Rick Ross to later talk rubbish about both her and The Twamp. This method of venting in this sort of public domain is a running theme with Tia Kemp and Rick Ross, as well as other parties in the rap game.

    More than just a look at their personal lives, this is also an examination of the way in which these very public spats have had far-reaching consequences for everyone around them and outside of Hip Hop. Their spat is a reminder of how public bickering can transform private arguments into an ugly, mass spectacle.

    Tia Kemp and Rick Ross While the two are relationship is full of public beefs, social media battles across celebrity innuendo. The escalation of their beef remains must see TV for viewers, demonstrating how social networks play a central role in contemporary celebrity disputes.

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