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    Queen Latifah’s Impact On Hip-Hop/Film, New Collab With Ludacris

    Queen Latifah Blessed to Be UrsulaQueen Latifah is the honorable godmother of hip-hop with decades of reigning success in movies, television and music! Since her debut in 1988, the Queen has showcased the multi-facets of her style and grace. According to IMDB, Latifah’s first single, “Wrath of My Madness”; is a track that combines hints of reggae, jazz and a snappy, soulful hip-hop sound. Faced with the misogynistic challenges of being a female rapper, she still overcame and became a household name within the genre. By the early 90s, Latifah had entered the world of small-screen television. And, the rest is history! Fans are proud to claim the Queen as a favorite because she is just as talented at acting as she she is at rapping!

    Queen Latifah’s Impact on TV/Film and Hip-Hop

    Latifah is not one to shy away from her hip-hop roots. In a lot of her earlier roles, there are hints of her dominance in the hip-hop realm. Set It Off is an example. According to Slate, the Oscar-nominated actress would wow! fans with her role as Cleo in the movie, Set It Off. The role was engaging because Latifah played a hardcore lesbian who’s nefarious nature ultimately led to her demise. The role signifies strength and tenacity just like Latifah’s journey as a woman in the hip-hop industry also does to a great degree. Her role as a lesbian would drive doubts pointing to her reputation in the industry, but the box office reported a whopping 8.5 million dollars in the first weekend of its release! That speaks volumes.

    A New Project For Latifah

    Luda and the Queen are co-starring on a new project, according to IMBD. The Netflix film is an action packed thriller where the two, as a brother sister duo, take their family on a cross-country road trip. A family trip turns into a survival-of-the-fittest situation, as they defend themselves alone in the desert against a mysterious killer.

    The reign never ends!

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