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    Offset Teases New Song With Takeoff and Icewear Vezzo

    Offset is a man on the move and ready to make his mark on the industry again. A year after the tragic death of his Migos cousin Takeoff, the rapper has started to re-align his priorities and is back in album mode. On Monday (March 20), Offset previewed a new song on Instagram Stories that features Takeoff and Icewear Vezzo.

    The pair’s chemistry on this new track is palpable, as they rap back-and-forth on a track that fuses their lyrical skills in an undeniable way. Hopefully, this track will either land on an upcoming Offset solo project or be a posthumous tribute to Takeoff.

    It’s difficult to believe that it’s been four months since Migos singer Takeoff was killed outside a Houston bowling alley. After an altercation between two men, a third man fatally shot the 28-year-old rapper.

    Despite the tragedy, it’s clear that Offset still has a lot of love for his late Migos bandmate. He even finds a way to pay tribute during his live shows, as he recently used a large image of Takeoff during his performance.

    He’s also releasing new music under the name Unc & Phew, which marks a departure from the group’s collective work as Migos. Offset has been quiet since the passing of his friend and cousin, so it’s no surprise that he has been taking a bit of time to re-calibrate.

    Offset isn’t the only one paying tribute to his friend and fellow Migos member, as Quavo also released a new song this week dedicated to Takeoff. The Atlanta rapper praised his friend and nephew while dropping “Greatness.”

    While it’s unclear whether this is Takeoff’s last Migos song, it’s certainly a good sign that the rapper is ready to move forward. After all, it was Takeoff who helmed the two songs that put Migos on the map: their 2014 anthem “Fight Night” and “Versace.”

    There was never a doubt that the trio was the best rap group of this generation, with Offset cutting through beats like an adventurer with a machete, Quavo flouting out wavy auto-tuned melodies and, most importantly, the quietest of the three, Takeoff. His voice was the deepest, his baritone time-worn and smolderingly soulful. He was also the gravitational force of the Migos chemistry, holding it down for his partners or flipping songs on their head at will.

    With all the turmoil surrounding the group’s future, it’s no wonder that there’s been a lot of speculation that Offset and Takeoff may be headed for split. That’s especially true following the release of new music from Unc & Phew under a different name, as well as the duo’s first official single and video, “Hotel Lobby.”

    However, while there are plenty of signs to suggest that Offset and Takeoff may be on the verge of a breakup, there are also plenty of reasons to believe that they will remain together. The trio has been known to perform at events without Offset, so it’s possible that they will continue their tour together, or that Takeoff could end up releasing a solo album and collaborating with Offset on it.


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