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    Nipsey Hussle Son Crip Walking To The Bank

    Lauren London can expect for her son to get a nice chunk out of Nipsey Hussle’s estate.

    The Blast reports that the son Lauren shared with the late-rapper Nipsey Hussle will get an estimated $1 million. This is, of course, not expected to happen until after everything gets settled. Nipsey Hussle son won’t have one single worry.

    However, when it comes to privacy, it’s without a doubt that Lauren supersedes Beyonce. She’s being pretty tight-lipped on everything that’s been happening.

    A member of her management team released this statement on the actresses behalf:

    This is a private matter and Lauren has not and will not make any statements.  We asked that everyone respect their need for privacy. Thank you.

    What we do know is that after the fatal shooting of Nipsey, Lauren acted quick in filing for guardianship over the two-year-old. By applying for guardianship, Lauren will able to participate in any legal matters of Nipsey’s estate and probate, on behalf of their son.

    In the documents, Lauren also states that she is Kross Asghedom’s primary caregiver and will act in his “best interests.” She also lists Nipsey’s eldest child, Emani, as a relative of Kross.

    The family is now in the process of handling the legal matters, in the wake of reports stating that Nipsey was at the center of a gang investigation.

    Nipsey was the target of a shooting in South Los Angeles, just outside his Marathon Clothing store. After his death, his estate was reportedly valued at $2 million. He allegedly did not have a will at the time of his death.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Nipsey Hussle’s son inheriting $1 million of his estate? Did you think it would be more? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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