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    Nicki Minaj Latest Single, ‘Do We Have A Problem’, Video With Lil Baby

    Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby Latest Single Drops

    The Barbie Queen herself, Nicki Minaj, is back with her latest single, “Do We Have A Problem ,” featuring Lil Baby. This marks her first lead single in three years. Minaj released the music video on Friday, Feb. 4, and fans could not get enough of the song. According to Entertainment Tonight , when Minaj came across the beat of the single, she immediately wanted to include Lil Baby because of his “vibe.”

    The little over nine-minute video gives fans of the star something new that many were not expecting. Minaj continues to prove why she’s the boss in the rap music industry, and this music video demonstrates what she is all about. Minaj touches on the 27-year-old star’s tracks in the song on an Instagram Live session and ultimately was very impressed by his game.

    “First of all, I want to just shout out to Lil Baby,” the 39-year-old artist said. She later continues, “I don’t think people didn’t know Lil Baby was nice, but I will say that he pleasantly surprises me all the time. This particular record was just another moment when you could tell the difference when somebody knows they’re here for a long time.”

    Lastly Minaj added, “Shout out to him for being dope and down-to-earth and sweet. All of that.”

    The Harajuku Barbie Can Act Too

    The video was directed by Benny Boom. In the video, Minaj plays a secret agent who turns to the dark side. She follows Lil Baby to steal artifacts, jewelry, and expensive cars. While the music video is a mix of film and Hollywood glamour, one thing is for sure; the two did an outstanding job.

    In celebration of the release, the “Anaconda” star appeared  at Thursday’s Los Angeles Clippers game, where she gave fans a sneak peek at her track. Let’s say people could not get enough of it.

    Additionally, she stopped by  The Late Late Show With James Corden  and revealed some exciting news for her upcoming album, telling the audience, “I do know it’s soon, and I know it’s a lot sooner than it’s ever been, and I know that it’s coming this year. I know that it will be out before the summertime.”

    Make sure to stream “Do We Have a Problem?” and check out the music video as well. Nicki Minaj continues to push the boundaries with her music, and fans are eager for the release of her forthcoming album.

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