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    New Song: “Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge” – Leo The Kind

    Hailing from Boston, breakout artist Leo The Kind is making major tides across the globe. The multitalented singer-songwriter rose to popularity these past few years upon releases like “Mirage” and “Chaotic Good.” As an independent artist, he put up 10 million streams across platforms and gained attention from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and Earmilk amongst others. It’s an accomplishment not many can share, but the artist is blessed, to say the least. Today, he keeps the momentum going with his new single “Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge.”

    “To create a safe space for people to feel like they can be themselves even if it’s just for a moment,” Leo describes the song. “I know that people are judged regardless but that record is meant to be the boost for someone who needs it.”

    “Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge” runs just over two minutes and every second is a bliss. Leo is a talented singer with a wide vocal range that’ll instantly turn you into a fan. Stream Leo The Kid’s newest single now.


    Leo The Kind instantly sets himself apart. The Boston-born singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, moves to his own beat and gives the world some positivity with his own alternative R&B style. Discussing his name he explained,

    “I chose the name Leo The Kind because my aim is to always be one-of-a-kind.” He continues:

    “When I tell most people I make music they assume I rap based off of my skin color, and then, when they hear my music, it comes as a complete shock. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does let me know that I am one of a kind. I want you to be inspired to explore, create and do something different, I want you to be reflective about how you’ve been and how you can be better, I just want you to be good.”

    “I wrote ‘Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge” when I first moved out of my parents’ house. That freedom I felt when I first moved out on my own and could do what I wanted without judgment was the first spark of inspiration. But women have it way harder than men, they are constantly judged. I wrote the song to speak to the women of the world for what they go through every day, wishing them freedom from judgment. While I can’t ever know what it is like to be a woman, I want to empathize as much as I can and say, “I see you, I won’t judge you.”

    Check Out Leo The Kind’s “Ain’t Nobody Gon Judge” and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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