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    Mikey Badass evolves into his purpose in 2021

    Power of belief

    Having a dream is a magnificent feeling and a blessing from God. Being able to mentally visualize your future motivates a person to believe anything is possible.

    Knowing your vision could change the world is a consequential responsibility.

    Understanding the price of success and the consequence of failure builds character. Furthermore, it allows a person to examine their strengths and balance weaknesses.

    Changing your life involves analyzing everything that needs to be changed to achieve success. Undoubtedly, the most accomplished people in life maintain a high level of mental discipline.

    Living within your purpose creates a mental freedom highway to peace.

    Power of Hip-Hop

    Being the world’s most dominant and desire music format, Hip-Hop’s impact on pop culture is undisputed. It is impacting every part of humanity, in addition to being a driving force in youth culture. Besides being the most consumed music format worldwide, Hip-Hop’s greatest strength lies within its culture.

    Changing people’s thinking patterns is a strong and dangerous power to control. Rap music’s inspirational message over the past 40 years has transformed the entire world.

    In addition, Hip-Hop is changing the world’s viewpoints on fashion, politics, racism, and self-awareness.

    Growing up, kids now desire to become Cardi B, Rhianna, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. Aspiring indie artists recognize Hip-Hop’s financial ability and focus on building brands.

    Without a doubt, rap artists receive millions of advertising dollars from major corporations in exchange for using their likeness.

    The rap music industry is a financial powerhouse as it is generating seven billion dollars in annual revenue. Which In addition, transforming talented African Americans into billionaires.

    The emergence of Mikey Badass

    Being born from struggle and promise, Mikey Badass reflects the new Generation Z American dream. Besides being a natural-born leader, Mikey Badass’s musical talent is undeniable.

    In 2018, he launched a record label, music publishing company, and TV/Film division.

    Unquestionably, rapping remains and will always be his first love. Mikey Badass’s love for music comes from his childhood and family roots.

    His music fanbase stretches across four continents and 20 countries. In addition to his music receiving over 1,000,000 streams across all streaming sites, his music continues to elevate Midwest Hip-Hop.

    Mikey Badass signed a digital brand development deal with RADIOPUSHERS in 2020. The focus of the partnership is music monetization and global brand awareness.

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