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    Meet Bordeaux & Non Native: The Sound Behind Pop Smoke & H.E.R

    The New York Drill sound is the soundtrack of 2020 Hip Hop. And a lot of that signature sound’s hitmaking formula was created by newly discovered East Coast producers Bordeaux and Non Native.

    Between 2019-2020, the Bronx-meets-New Jersey dymanic duo created a East Coast version of a Chicago-originated sound that saw the rise of the genre’s biggest names like Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay and the late-Pop Smoke. Originally meeting at kids, Bordeaux and Non Native formed a bond from their influential love for the award-winning production duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, also known as, The Neptunes. Bordeaux explains:

    “My parents were first generation immigrants so music was definitely a way for me to make friends and learn about different cultures.”

    Their signature sound is a customized infusion of all genres rolled into one. Dance, Latin, R&B, Pop and Hip Hip, Bordeaux and Non Native deliver artists a production that is magnetic, eternal and worldly. Crediting Electronic music played a huge part in the beginning of their careers. In sessions, the duo prefers to cook up with the artist(s) in the same room.

    “We can switch seats anytime during a session, and we both know exactly what to do and how to continue the session.”

    After securing a successful hip-hop run, Bordeaux and Non Native shocked the game with as the producers of R&B superstar H.E.R.’s latest single, “Hold”.
    The “Damaged” hitmaker premiered the song during her debut performance on the iconic sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Giving Bordeaux and Non Native the biggest moment of their career yet.

    This month, it was announced that Lil Tjay’s 2020 single, “Zoo York,” a song produced by Bordeaux and Non Native, achieved gold status with the RIAA. And with limitless potential, hip-hop at their beckond call and other genres awaiting exploration, Bordeaux and Non Native’s presence will be heard throughout speakers for an unfoseeable future.

    “If tomorrow the job is to make country music well then… We on it.”

    Meet Bordeaux & Non Native: The Sound Behind Pop Smoke & H.E.R

    New York production team Bordeaux and Non Native gained immense success in the Drill scene. Bordeaux, 24, hails from the Bronx, Non Native, 20, hails from Union City, New Jersey. The two found a common ground through their love for superproducer, The Neptunes, both grew up listening to an eclectic array of music from rap, hip hop to Latin music like Bachata, Salsa to Dancehall and Reggae.

    Not only is their creative process so skillfully singular, Bordeaux and Non Native are able to experiment in all areas of music. They’ve worked with dancehall artists, R&B artists, Rappers – sometimes all in one day. “It’s fun to learn what each genre entails and how music production relates to all genres of music.”

    Clever, creative, optimistic, and naturally talented, the two have developed an undeniable resume that the past, present and future of hip-hop will be in desire of for many years to come. Not just hip-hop, but the world of music. Right now, this is their moment. Stay tuned.

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