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    McGregor KOs Cerrone In 40 Seconds

    McGregor Makes Big Return to UFC

    This past weekend Connor McGregor returned to the UFC, and he did not disappoint. Conor McGregor faced off against Donald Cerrone in Las Vegas at UFC 246.

    Before this, McGregor’s last fight in the UFC took place in August of 2018 against Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor lost that match in the fourth round. Later in March of 2019, McGregor took to social media to announce his retirement. Although many people were disappointed to hear of this, the current President of the UFC, Dana White, made sure to let people know that that this was not true.>

    McGregor’s Fight vs. Cerrone

    After taking a hiatus from the UFC for over a year, Connor McGregor was ready to make his return. His opponent from the fight, Donald Cerrone, is no joke. Cerrone holds several records in the UFC.

    These include the most bouts fought along with the highest number of UFC victories. Although Cerrone is quite the established fighter, McGregor took no time in taking him down.

    This was a highly anticipated match that only lasted all of 40 seconds. It begins with McGregor throwing and missing the first punch. After they tangled up, McGregor proceeds to unload multiple shoulder thrusts into Cerrone’s face. The pair splits up, and McGregor quickly responds with a  ick to Cerrone’s temple and multiple punches that led to the KO.
    McGregor KOs Cerrone-1

    McGregor Acknowledges Cerrone’s Greatness

    In typical fashion, McGregor was quick to celebrate his victory and show his excitement. But along with this came something that you don’t see too often when it comes to McGregor’s win.

    In the press conference after the fight, McGregor went on to praise all of Cerrone’s many records and accomplishments. McGregor was so kind as to even hug and exchange a few words with Cerrone’s grandmother in the octagon after his victory.

    Final Thoughts

    After taking a hiatus from fighting, Conor McGregor returned to the UFC and made sure to come back swinging. Even against such impressive completion, McGregor was able to knock out Cerrone in only 40 seconds. Thankfully McGregor plans on continuing his career of fighting in the UFC.

    What are your guys’ thoughts, though?

    What did you think of McGregor’s comeback? And who do you think he will be fighting next? Would you like a rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov or someone else?

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