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    Mccutchen Delivers Walkoff, Come From Behind Win.

    I happened to be one of the lucky ones at the game yesterday where Andrew McCutchen delivered a walkoff win in come from behind fashion. Here’s my account of the amazing victory. My night started at the 427 level. Then, we ended up in 230 levels, thanks to a kind couple.

    My view from the 400 seats before we were given 230 hall of fame level seats. Citizen’s Bank Park

    A struggling Start from Spencer Howard

    First off, what an amazing game! It didn’t start off that way but boy was the ending worth it. Starter, Spencer Howard to begin the game. Spencer Howard was having an off day but Girardi was resistant to take him out. Maybe, he didn’t have a plan B in place. Anyway, during his pitching, the Nationals got out to a 4-0 lead. Josh bell triples and Escobar scores. That’s one. Josh Harrison triples and bell scores. That’s two. Parra singles and Harrison scores. That’s three. Victor Robles singles long and Parra scores. By this time, fans were beyond frustrated, demanding Girardi take him out. Later, we found out that it was a blister that burst open that was responsible for his inconsistency. 

    Then, Brandon Kintzler replaces Howard. Nothing exciting happens. By all accounts, kintzler accomplishes the task. By the 5th, Jean Segura was hit by a pitch but luckily he’s still in the game. That is crucial to how we come back. 

    Hoskins hits a 3-run

    Now, Jose Alvarado is up. And, Alvarado dished out three walks in a row. At this point, Philly needs to get on the board before the Nationals score any more runs. And, fans were a little restless and unhappy. Harper and McCutchen get on base by single and double and setting up Hoskins. Hoskins delivers with a three run homerun. The energy changes. Now, the phillies are only down by one. 

    Hector Neris Doesn’t Screw Up Badly, Pitches Two Innings

    Hector Neris is in. And my hopes weren’t high. While he does cause some walks, it’s not out of control. Which bodes well since Girardi put him in for two innings. It also wasn’t completely his fault. The umps were calling a lot of strikes balls which definitely messed with Hector. Strikeout. Groundout. Walk. Walk. But no score. 

    The 9th Inning Magic from Andrew McCutchen, walkoff win

    Andrew McCutchen homer; walkoff win
    Andrew McCutchen homer; walkoff win. Vs. NATIONALS 7-26-21 Via Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

    Onto the 9th, where everything gets interesting. Archie Bradley takes the mound. Single, single, walk and the bases are loaded. Fielding error by Didi Gregorious that allows Josh bells to make the base, resulting in a run to score. At this point, some fans began leaving the stands but surprisingly most of the fans stayed put. And while they struggled, we fans gave them all the energy we could hoping they could turn this around. Archie gets out of the inning. 

    Bottom of the 9th, it’s the Phillies turn. Do or die. Jean Segura takes the bat and fans know that he can turn a game around. But, Phillies were down two. He couldn’t win it himself. At this point, I was on my feet, rally cap on, refusing to sit down and demanding scores. Segura gets a double. Let’s go. It’s not over yet. Jt is out. Harper is up. And, we know he could walk it off. But, he’s been struggling all game. Yet, the Nationals aren’t taking any chances. They walk him. 

    Two on base, and McCutchen is up and before he hits the fans go crazy. Because Harper represents the tying run and McCutchen was in a position to win the game. I scream out, “We want a walkoff.” And, I was not going to settle for anything less. And for the skeptical people, many people in the 230 level can attest to this. Fastball and McCutchen nails it to right field. It’s over!

    McCutchen has done it. Cutch has delivered a walkoff win. The fans go absolutely insane with cheers and amazement at this come from behind win. Phillies prove once again that it’s not over til it’s over. They aren’t the called the Fightins for nothing. 


    Andrew McCutchen Reacts to Walkoff win

    “This was my first walkoff with the Phillies, so it definitely felt good, especially in that moment. I had an opportunity. Coming through was definitely gratifying for me.

    Andrew McCutchen Twitter
    Andrew McCutchen Twitter

    Listen to his post game response below.

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