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    Lil Wayne Is Facing Jail Time For 2019 Gun Charge

    Hip hop legend Lil Wayne also know as Dwayne Carter Jr., is in trouble with the law again.

    The rapper, from Louisiana is currently in a situation where he might have to serve a 10 year prison sentence. This happened because he acknowledged his guilt, for possessing a firearm and ammunition despite having been convicted of a felony in the past. At the moment he is out, on bond. Had to pay an amount of $250,000 for it.

    “Your honor, I plead guilty,” the 38-year-old rapper told the Miami federal court during a virtual trial.

    According to the Miami Herald, Carter was carrying a gold-plated handgun on a plane from Los Angeles to Miami last December. Lil Wayne was also found to have suspected cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, painkillers and prescription strength cough syrup, in his possession. He was not charged for the drug possession.

    In 2010 Lil Wayne found himself in trouble when he was apprehended for possessing a loaded firearm, in New York. As a result he served a prison sentence lasting eight months. As a convicted felon, he is not permitted to carry weapons.

    A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    This news comes after Lil Wayne was sued by his former manager Ronald Sweeney for $20 million over unpaid commission. Wayne hired Sweeney in 2005 to help him get out his contract with Cash Money Records. The legal dispute took over a decade long, but Sweeney and Wayne were able to reach an agreement with Cash Money Records in 2018. Lil Wayne fired Sweeney in 2018 but says he was never fully compensated for his efforts.

    Lil Wayne sold his masters to Universal Music Group in June 2020 for over $100 million dollars. He is going to need every dollar of that money to fight all these legal consequences he is currently facing.

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