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    Yup!! We’re Talking About That Sick Fuck Kevin Spacey Again!!

    Kevin Spacey must be stopped!

    Spacey makes us sick to our stomach, and we need people to stop defending him. The former House Of Cards actor has gained plenty of bad press as of lately. Last year news broke that Mr. Spacey allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct with a minor in the past. Following the news being released, many people and organizations quickly severed ties with the actor. Several people have come forward with stories of their own experience since the initial claim.″

    Last week news began to circulate that a massage therapist had an inappropriate encounter with Spacey. The male advised that he was forced to grab Spacey’s balls two separate times during a massage in Malibu. His attorney has asked that the case be dismissed. The accuser is requesting that they remain anonymous throughout the process. However, Spacey’s legal team are fighting for the accuser to reveal himself. Just a few days ago it was reported that sick fuck Kevin Spacey was at it again, with his appearance at a College party. In another case, his lawyer claimed the sexual assault victim wanted it.

    Should we just lock him up and throw away the key?? How often does that sick fuck Spacey get his balls grabbed? Leave your comments below, stay tuned to


    1. Fuck you assholes, you may not respect him as a human being but you need to respect his acting career. Everyone used to love him until he was exposed, now the fans just wanna switch up on him.

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