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    Keisha Knight Back Blown By Who??

    Keisha Knight Pullium is one of the most beautiful actors we got a chance to see on the screen growing up. She was always made us laugh in her younger years.

    The actor is now officially grown and has gotten the chance to live life on a grand scale. From having a child to an ugly breakup, she has experienced life in probably the most respective ways. However, now she has a new man in her life. Above all, it’s safe to say Keisha Knight back blown by a mysterious man is a fairytale ending to her ugly divorce.

    Allegedly Keisha is dating an actor by the name of Brad James. Both of them live in Atlanta, and an insider confirms that the two have been dating since February. That’s right Brad James has been slam dunking in them draws, and the two aren’t the best at hiding it. Furthermore, Pullium has left several clues that would eventually lead others to piece everything together.

    Brad is no stranger to the world of acting. He has reprised several roles throughout the Tyler Perry Empire. One of his most known roles came from being a regular on “For Better Or For Worse”. In addition, the two were together at the Essence Festival, which helps to support the narrative that it’s official. Above all, the actor did at one point date Chilli of TLC. Safe to say they look happy. We’re sure Keisha Knight back blown on a consistent basis makes her happy.

    In conclusion, does she look happy? Do you think they make a good fit as a couple? Should they settle down? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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