Check out what celebrities had to say about Madam Kamala Harris. On November 7,2020 she unofficially became the first female, Black and Indian-American Vice President. Here are the top 6 celebrity women reactions to the Biden-Harris victory.


Queen B took a noble approach by simply congratulating Biden and Harris. She made several Instagram posts with the dynamic pair as young children.


Like many Americans, Alicia Keys noted that she held back her emotions. She commends everyone for showing out for one another. It’s time for the real work to begin.


Keke talked about the need for representation. There was a time when she hoped to see women in positions of power. Now Harris holds one of the highest leadership positions.  


The “Jenny from the Block” singer and actress couldn’t hold back her tears. Lopez was happy about the outcome of this important election.


The comedian simply said “We did that!” Her followup dance in celebration of the Biden-Harris win is more noteworthy.


Miley shared a video  which was created by Saint Hoax, including the President-elect Joe Biden playing her song, “Party in the U.S.A.,” In the video his running mate, Kamala Harris danced to the song.

As a result of this historic election, Americans have proof that women rock. Women have the power to do anything and everything they set their minds to. Black women in particular went above and beyond to ensure that Democratic candidates we’re supported. Also, these women pushed to have every legitimate vote counted.

2020 has been an unforgettable year. Americans and people around the world  look to celebrities for guidance. These celebrity women showed out. It is known now more than ever that exercising one’s right to vote can make a difference. A lasting one at that!

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