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    Jay Fizzle Flexes Hard In ‘Last Song’

    Being related to a famous rapper comes with a lot of expectations. Memphis rapper Jay Fizzle has big shoes to fill when it comes to living up to the legacy his cousin Young Dolph left behind. Having mentored under his older cousin, Fizzle has the potential to become the next great emcee out of Memphis, TN. After all, Fizzle said it best in his “Long Live Dolph” track when he rapped the verse line,“I learned from the best.” Having released a handful of tracks already, the Paper Route Empire rapper dropped his newest record “Last Song” that shows the rapper flexing hard. 

    The Memphis Rapper Flexes Hard


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    The Paper Route Empire rapper may be destined for success. Though, he hasn’t had such a great start so far. He has 14 children by 13 different women and spent most of his life behind bars. Seemingly unphased by all the obstacles he’s faced, Fizzle isn’t taking his journey to success as serious as his competitors. In fact, he’s having fun on the way there.

     In his latest music video for “Last Song,” the Memphis rapper shows off his stacks and flexes all day. Furthermore, the video shows Fizzle parked outside the Street Execs Studios in Atlanta and sits atop of an expensive vehicle, throwing up stacks of money. Additionally, he’s seen walking through a local barber shop flashing his man jewels and designer clothes. 

    In addition to showing off all his good fortune, Fizzle raps about living the lifestyle of a local celebrity and having a slew of women surrounding him. Offering his signature focused triplet flows and candid coolness, he delivers bar after bar of witty lines that show off his inner-kid.

    “I’m too cool for school/ I don’t follow rules/ I don’t know construction, but keep me a tool,” he raps in the song.

    Clearly, Fizzle isn’t taking himself too seriously. Rather, he’s having fun living the high life.  

    More To Come From Jay Fizzle


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    Jay Fizzle may have been hard at work at the studio, putting down new tracks such as “Last Song.” Though, the song is far from being his last one. His new track was just a sample offering from his upcoming project, DonnaFizzle . No word yet on when the record will drop. In the meantime, be on the lookout for new music from the Young Dolph protégé.  


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