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    Jahdell “Like Jordan” Reminds Us Of The Struggle

    Rising Queens rapper Jahdell brings to you his new single, “Like Jordan”. 

    Overall, as he reflects on the popular mantra; it started from the bottom now we here. This record is one that many can relate to. Jahdell reflects on all the hard times he endured growing up. From not being able to eat, stealing food just to eat and many other sacrifices just to get by day today. Now that he’s risen above those circumstances and is headed for stardom, he’s become like a hero for his neighborhood. Jahdell “Like Jordan” giving those around him hope!

    I came from the bottom and now I’m on my way to stardom. Everyone that knows my situation it motivates them. My whole hood! My hood treat me like I’m Jordan when I’m around. Although authorities look at me saying/thinking I’m motivating certain activities. I’m showing my people new things and giving them hope! Although I’m on my way to the top, you could still see the pain and struggle in me especially through my music.” Jahdell on “Like Jordan”

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    In conclusion, What are your thoughts on Jahdell “Like Jordan”? Is he the next upcoming in the world of music? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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