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    J Balvin Receives Award For Contribution On Mental Health

    The Colombian artist J Balvin will receive today the Latin Impact Award 2022. For his contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This award will be handed out at the UN headquarters in New York at the Latino Impact Summit. Moreover, this recognition is because of Balvin’s contributions to making visible the importance of mental health through his OYE app.

    “After the pandemic, the world’s youth, actually, all of us, are very exhausted. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of being lost in life are very common now”, the artist affirmed.

    J Balvin is the creator with Mario Chamorro, Patrick Dowd, and Isaac Lee. The app which is programmed to be both in Spanish and English provides a space where people can transform their emotions into creative actions.

    This OYE app “achieves a balance between emotional health and physical health, through exercises that help liberate stress, fear, and sadness. Especially the weight people carry on their day-to-day. And help them reconnect with their interior power and create the life people desire”.

    Besides J Balvin wants to use his music as a gateway to show problems that people suffer on the inside revolving with mental health. Doing so he released a song called ‘Niño Soñador’ (Dreamer Boy). Where he expressed what it felt like to rise to fame. And the social pressure to become an influential figure in his country.

    In addition, this is the fifth edition of the summit after four-year hiatus. When the Latin Impact Award was given to another Colombian artist Carlos Vives. For promoting the improvement of life quality in the town of Santa Marta and close regions.

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