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    Hypefresh Exclusive Interview: Lihtz Sluglife

    Hypefresh teamed up with one of the hottest celebrity stylists in Philly,
    Devon Millan for an exclusive sit down with Philly Artist Lihtz Sluglife. Lihtz is an emerging philly artist, who was recently featured on 1800 seconds Vol 2. The album was curated by Future and featured 6 other up and coming artists.

    In the interview the Philly native touch on topics ranging from how he got into rapping, his time in Atlanta, what it was like working with Future, and the video that got him noticed. Lihtz Also touched on his musical catalog and what it’s like being from Philly as a rapper.

    Future Career Ventures

    The rapper expressed he would like to one-day work in fashion and in movies. His videos have a cinematic documentary style to them. Which highlights the artist’s creativity and passion for storytelling.  So getting into film should be an easy transition for him.

    Lihtz confident yet humble demeanor was evident from our introduction. His responses were insightful and introspective. He showed wisdom that can only come from experience which reflects the growth of a man who has learned throughout his journey.

    Big Drops In 2020!

    Lihtz definitely has the potential to make an impact in the rap game and beyond. We are expecting big things from him in 2020. Check out the full interview to get to know more about @LihtzSluglife. Be sure to look out for his upcoming projects very soon and if you haven’t already,  check out his tracks on the 1800 seconds Vol 2 Album. They both are fire but our personal favorite is Out the Mudd.

    Let us know what you think about the Lihtz Sluglife interview and his music in the comments.

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