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    “How Anime in American Culture Evolved into a Lifestyle”

    Anime was something that people in the earlier years really didn’t get. It was just a cartoon from Japan to certain people. But for the lovers and fans. It was so much more. The people who said anime was a “cartoon” didn’t see the difference of creativity. Or how well a story was devised in these Japanese animations. They just saw illustrated characters doing unbelievable and “weird” things.

    Gon (Hunter x Hunter)

    Anime in American Culture Evolved-1

    Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, anime watchers would be considered weirdos, geeks, and/or outcast. Only because it was something different, that people really didn’t understand. Some kids would actually be bullied or beaten up for showing a passion for the thing they love. America people usually have a bad habit of beating up people they don’t understand. And to find a fellow anime lover was a blessing.

    Anime sources were limited in those times. There weren’t that many programs on American television and it was hard to find sites on the internet that would have it to watch. You would have to go to video stores like Suncoast to find anime. In addition, if you were lucky and have cable. You could possibly find some on premium channels. Times were hard for the culture.

    Tom (Toonami)

    Anime in American Culture Evolved-2

    Anime culture in the USA really didn’t get that big until Toonami hit television. Toonami is a program that targets anime to an American audience. In the years 1997-2008; it was targeting young kids, ages 6-12 and exposing them to anime. It was a huge success it introduce kids to Dragonball-Z, Voltron, Gundam Wing, Robotech, and many more shows. Overtime, Toonami was working. After its release, kids were becoming addicted to anime on a daily basis. A-lot of fans even remember running home to see Goku transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Too many American fans. That was one of the most historical times in television history.

    Super Saiyan Goku (Dragonball Z)

    Anime in American Culture Evolved-3

    Nowadays, anime is everywhere. It can be easily located on streaming services and other media sources. People everywhere are expressing their love for it every day. Furthermore, people are arguing about their favorite character being able to defeat another character, from a different anime. It is crazy. Serious debates even happen because of it.

    SSGSS Goku (Dragon Ball: Super) vs. Six Paths Naruto (Naruto: Shippuden)

    Anime in American Culture Evolved-4

    There are facebook pages and clubs all over the world strictly for these shows. Also, people are buying tickets to see anime movies release when they come out in the states. These “cartoons” from Japan inspire a-lot of American cartoons today. For example, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Castlevania: The Animated Series are American animation influenced by Japanese animation. Importantly, anime is a profitable income for media companies and will continue to grow.

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