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    Hip Hop Songs About Texts And Phone Calls

    At A Glimpse:

    Song Title Description
    I’m In The Zone The song emphasizes the importance of phone conversations, even for mumble rappers.
    Men Lie, Women Lie Tells the story of a prisoner reaching out to his mother for help.
    Long Days, Longer Nights Mac Miller’s “Missed Calls” reflects the challenges of maintaining a relationship as an artist.
    Killin’ Me Cardi B’s song discusses real-life violence and cheating, with text messages serving as a warning sign.
    See You Later On Expresses the pain of not being able to be with someone and highlights the role of cell phones in communication.
    Leave Me ‘Lone A song about a broken-hearted person showing off their gifts for the next girl.
    Trina, Close Your Eyes Craving the presence of someone who is physically far away and emphasizing the intimacy of phone calls.
    Hello? What’s The Deal? Bet Kevin Gates expresses his desire for more phones, questioning if he will ever be satisfied with the number he has.
    F*ck The Re-up Up On The song highlights the need for peace and quiet by turning off phones, even for famous rappers.

    Hip hop Songs about Phone Calls

    Over time, rap has embraced technological changes. Rappers have adjusted to different ways of connecting, like landlines and mobile phones. Check out these hip-hop songs about phone conversations. The lyrics and visuals showcase different chats.

    I’m In The Zone

    Words matter. “Mama told me I’m her brightest star!” Even mumble rappers talk on the phone.

    Men Lie, Women Lie

    In tough times, your mom is often the one who truly cares about your well-being. This song tells the story of a prisoner reaching out to his mother, pleading for her assistance. “Mama, please just come through for me this one last time!”

    Long Days, Longer Nights

    According to, Mac Miller explained that “Missed Calls” reflects the challenges of maintaining a relationship while being an artist. He emphasized the importance of communication. Have you ever had a conversation like the one portrayed in these frustrated lyrics? “Telling you I won’t be coming home tonight!”

    Killin’ Me

    Cardi B mentions real-life violence in her impactful lyrics, comparing herself to Left Eye. Adding to that, this is not the only Cardi B song that touches on cheating. Text messages serve as a warning sign in this Cardi B track.

    See You Later On

    It’s painful when you desire to be with someone, but circumstances prevent it. Thankfully, cell phones are a must-have these days. “I wanna be with you tonight, but I can’t, baby girl, and that’s the problem!”

     Leave Me ‘Lone

    According to, this song was a Valentine’s Day gift for the broken-hearted in 2021. There’s nothing quite like showing off what you’re buying for the next girl to say “it’s over!” “I’m gonna spoil her with Fendi and Dior!” Ouch.

    Trina, Close Your Eyes

    Sometimes you crave the presence of someone who’s miles away. “It’s not a daydream, it’s phone intimacy!” Let them know!

     Hello? What’s The Deal? Bet

    “Need two more phones!” Kevin Gates definitely knows how to talk. Will he ever be satisfied with the number of phones he has? He already has plenty!

    F*ck The Re-up Up On

    Most rappers need to turn off their phones to find some peace and quiet. “The trenches are unimaginable!” Let the calls keep coming, superstar.

    What are your thoughts on hip-hop songs about phone calls? Do you enjoy phone conversations or prefer solitude? Share your thoughts in the comments!


    Can you provide more hip-hop songs about phone calls?

    Yes, here are a few more hip-hop songs about phone calls:
    “Hotline Bling” by Drake
    “Telephone Calls” by A$AP Mob
    “Lovefool” by The Cardigans (remixed by RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

    <strong,k>Do these songs only focus on phone conversations?

    While the songs mentioned primarily highlight phone conversations, some also touch on related themes such as relationships, emotions, and personal experiences.

    Are there any famous collaborations in these songs?

    Yes, there are some notable collaborations in these songs. For example, “Men Lie, Women Lie” features Lil Wayne, “Leave Me ‘Lone” is a collaboration between Lil Tjay and 6LACK, and “Trina, Close Your Eyes” is a collaboration between Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt.

    Can you recommend a song that explores the challenges of long-distance relationships?

    “Missed Calls” by Mac Miller delves into the challenges of maintaining a relationship while being an artist, which can be applicable to long-distance relationships.

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