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    Floyd Mayweather Attempts To Buy An NBA Team, Offers $2 Billion!

    Renowned boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather is aiming to live up to his nickname by expanding beyond boxing. He has set his sights on purchasing an NBA team, according to a report by Kurt Helin for NBC Sports.

    Mayweather has been working on this venture for a while alongside his business partner Brent Johnson. Although it’s been a challenging journey, Mayweather remains determined.

    The most probable teams for Mayweather’s potential purchase are the Las Vegas franchise and possibly the Seattle franchise. Acquiring an existing team may be a challenging task for him, particularly since his initial offer of $2 billion for majority ownership is quite high. Some believe he may have overestimated, but Mayweather insists that he is comfortable and capable of making the investment.

    Currently, the Phoenix Suns is the only publicly known team for sale, with an expected price tag exceeding $2 billion. Speculation suggests that the Portland Trail Blazers may also become available for sale in the coming years.

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