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    Florida Shopping Center Explosion Carnage In Plantation

    It’s officially Earthquake season is starting on The West Coast. Now it seems as though more weird things happening on the other side of the coast.

    Earlier today a Florida shopping center explosion took place. The incident left 15 to 20 people injured in the aftermath of the loud blast. The tragic event took place right before noon in Plantation, South Florida. The Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Joel Gordon had this to say:

    “We did find a ruptured gas line under the rubble but I can’t tell you exactly where it came from.”

    Two people are already being taken Broward Health Medical Center listed in critical condition. Furthermore,  15 to 20 people are receiving medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses live on the scene said that a vacant restaurant seems to be where the explosion took place. Currently, all stores and local businesses in the vicinity will remain closed until fire officials rule out causes.

    “A huge, huge bang, thump, almost, explosion,” he said. “It started shaking back and forth and the roof tiles started crashing down and the power went out.”
    “We saw Good Samaritans carrying the injured,” Hoffman said. “there’s a lot of damage, a lot of damage.”

    In conclusion, do you think another explosion could happen? Will the two injured be ok? What else can happen regarding the Florida Shopping Center Explosion? Will there be another earthquake in L.A.? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: CBS Miami

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