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    Fatti Goes From Rags-To-Riches In His “Nobody’s Perfect” EP

    It’s not easy to win the title as the next biggest star on the block. Several new and upcoming rappers have sought to take the crown. While some have failed, others like YBTG Entertainment artist Fatti might be well on his way. The newcomer has gained quite the reputation in certain rap circles. Most people recognize him by his lavish lifestyle and star-like personality are just some of the many traits he’s known for. Additionally, fans may know Fatti’s trap-rap style from tracks like “Made Now” and a handful of others. Recently, Fatti’s label announced that his highly anticipated EP ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ will drop soon.

    The Artist Tells Of His Rags-To-Riches Story

    The YBTG Entertainment artist and his soon to drop EP offers everything rap music aficionados could want. Fatti has a versatile sound that’ll keep people coming back for more. Additionally, he knows how to mesh pain with trap rap well. He even provides a bit of storytelling in his music.

    More importantly, his EP ‘ Nobody’s Perfect’ tells of his experiences living on the streets, about the life struggles he’s faced, and how he came out the other side on top. In some fashion, the EP reads like a rags-to-riches story about the rapper’s life. Many of Fatti’s songs reflect on his childhood and growing up around gun violence.

    Furthermore, the title track and music video for “Nobody’s Perfect” gives a vivid display of the acts of violence Fatti witnessed as a child. We find the rapper inside the confines of a church, surrounded by death and grief. Other scenes show graphic images of a man being shot outside his home. Throughout the video, Fatti raps that he knows no one is perfect, but he hopes that others choose to make the right choices. Other songs like “Never Again” and “Rainy Days” run the same vein, where both discuss violence and pain.. The star rapper has come a long way in dealing with his past issues.

    On other tracks like “Trap Music & Love Songs,” the rapper discusses his new lifestyle, where he’s able to “wine and dine in Hong Kong.” In these times, the rapper expresses his gratitude and humbleness for the lavish lifestyle he’s afforded himself. Now that’s an artist who’s really worked hard for all his good fortunes.

    Fatti Has Made It To The Top

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    The YBTG Entertainment artist may have lived a hard life selling drugs and witnessing crimes related to gun violence. Though, life on streets only made him that much stronger. Not to mention, it motivated him to become a better person. Now on his way to living the life of the rich and famous, Fatti’s hard work is paying off. He’s a rags-to-riches success story.

    Be sure to check out more music from the YBTG artist, Fatti.




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