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    Fat Trel Receives A “Get Out Of Jail” Free Card

    Often times, rappers find themselves in trouble with the law. Though, much can be said about the rigged police system. Unfortunately, many black inmates and stars alike are mistreated in prison.

    Back in 2016, Fat Trel was charged with a DWI and Marijuana possession for two years. However, upon his release, a judge sentenced him to another year and a half back in December 2021. Ever since, the rapper claimed that he’s being targeted by the legal system. Though, justice prevailed in the end, after the rapper was recently released from prison.

                He Doesn’t Deserve To Be Treated As Less Than

    Fat Trel may have made some mistakes in his life. Though, he knows his rights as well. For years, the rapper has alleged that he’s been treated unfairly by the legal system. During his incarceration, Triel called upon his celebrity friends Meek Mill, Jay Z, Kim Kardashian and even Donald Trump to help him escape jail.

    Apparently, the stars must’ve heard his pleas for help. Recently, Fat Triel received his “Get Out Of Jail” free card upon his release. Furthermore, the rapper hopped on Instagram to share the news of his recent release and freedom.

    Fans everywhere expressed their utter excitement at Triel’s recent victory over the legal system. In fact, his good friend and record label boss, Rick Ross, even reached out to congratulate him. Clearly, that was a good day for everyone.

                Fat Triel Heads Back Into The Studio

    get out of jail
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    After being released from jail, Fat Triel wasted no time in getting back to the studio booth. He told fans that new music is on the way. “ITS COMING IM JUST LOADING UP. YALL KNOW I AIN’T GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT SEE YALL TOMORROW,” Triel said on social media. Furthermore, Triel is more than eager to get back into the swing of things for sure. Be sure to catch new music by the rapper.

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