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    Embiid pens apology on twitter for philly fans

    Embiid apologizes to Philly fans on Twitter.

    Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid apologizes to fans in a heartfelt Twitter post. The MVP player showed true dedication by playing through a torn miniscus. A true class act all around. Twitter

    After the heartbreaking loss to the Hawks in Game 7, which marked the end of our playoff run, fans were feeling disheartened and had almost lost hope in the team. It was another disappointment for the fans. Embiid took to Twitter to apologize and directly address the fans in a heartfelt post.

    In the tweet below, Embiid writes, 

    “Philly, I love you. I apologize for letting you down once more. Just know that I gave it my all, despite the circumstances. Being here has taught me about the resilience of this city, and that’s why I played with a torn meniscus. Thank you for your unwavering support throughout the year!”

    Embiid Apologizes to Fans for Letting Down Philly

    Joel Embiid
    Embiid’s Apology to Fans: A Short Yet Meaningful Message

    Embiid Apologizes to Fans for Disappointing Outcome

    Strong like the City of Philadelphia

    Joel Embiid
    Joel Embiid Apologizes to Fans in Twitter Post

    Despite playing with a torn miniscus, Joel showed incredible determination. He attributes his toughness to the city of Philadelphia, known for its resilient spirit. Despite setbacks, the city continues to embrace the underdog status and its passionate fans.

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    Does that change how you feel about the loss? Many fans believe Embiid shouldn’t apologize since the real issues lie with Simmons and Doc. Nonetheless, having a player who understands the city’s passion for sports is invaluable. Joel Embiid has shown the ability to recognize problems, take responsibility, and turn things around. He truly embodies the spirit of Philadelphia. As our MVP, other players should learn from his example.

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