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    Ellen DeGeneres Says Goodbye to Hollywood After Netflix Special

    The laughter has disappeared but the effect still lingers on. Image credits: Ellen DeGeneres, the face of daytime talk-show and a beacon in the LGBTQ+ community has officially step down from her showbiz career. And that last bit is arresting following a farewell tour of reflection and her next Netflix special which will be assayed as career round-up from one who set so many boundaries.

    For almost 20 years, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was a beacon of hope for people all around the globe. DeGeneres blew up into a household name thanks to her infectious wit and disarmingly approachable demeanor that she used with playful nonchalance on A-list guests. Nonetheless, the whole scope of Ellen’s reach stretches far and wide outside mere celebrity interviews and trending dance crazes. She staked her career on revealing that fact in 1997 and experienced professional banishment as a result. But her courage to Ellen made it much easier for the LGBTQ+ community moving forward, and provided kids all over the world a face they could see on TV that knew how tough growing up can be. She was a guiding light, showing you that success and staying true to yourself could hold hands.

    And Ellen’s path was just as rocky. The program was snagged by claims of a toxic work environment and canceled in 2022. Allegations from former staff paint a very different picture of Ellen’s sunny megalomaniac. In her stand-up tour, “Ellen’s Last Stan Up,” she touches on the controversy and concedes that she may have been too demanding of her staff but adds: “I made a decision to live my life with integrity and not all station ships need criticism.” She also addressed a slightly different topic: the much-heated double standard held for women in power and simply asked, would we be so critical if this had happened to male comedian?.

    This reflective vibe will probably run right through her Netflix special, due to land on the streaming service soon. Families can expect a raw and honest look at her meteoric success, the price she paid both personally and professionally to achieve it as well as some very personal stories about finally taking down that curtain. Her departure brings the end of an era not only for Ellen, but also this time period in daytime TV.

    The ending of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” feels like an end to something. A time for everyone to remember the light she brought into millions lives, her status as an LGBTQ+ icon and her strength during adversity. So long Ellen DeGeneres, the laughter and candor about who she is spent for eternity resonating through generations draft. Her story reminds us that stories, sometimes best show their colors under the lights of a stage and are most honest when they share thoughts unsaid – in contemplation away from eyes.

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