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    Druski Tried to Get the DJ to Stop Playing Kendrick Lamar at BET Awards Afterparty

    In a very unexpected scenario during the BET Awards afterparty, comedian and social media sensation Druski found himself at the center of attention when he allegedly signaled for the DJ to stop playing Kendrick Lamar’s musicc and the moment got cut into a short but viral video that raised curiosity and debate at parties and online.


    — KURRCO (@KURRCO) JULY 2, 2024

    The incident happened on June 30th in Los Angeles during the star-filled after-party for the BET Awards. Druski, known for his seamless wits and engaging content on the internet, hand-gestured toward the DJ booth and reportedly requested that Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss track, “Not Like Us,” be stopped. A short video of this incident quickly went viral and seemed to get fans and social media into a frenzy of speculation and debate.

    However, some fans have related Druski’s request to what happened a few days ago at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, Canada. Rapper Rick Ross played the same Kendrick Lamar diss track. Ross ended up having a heated argument with one of the attendees. The event escalated into a brawl, and one person was knocked out. Notwithstanding the chaos, Ross and his crew had no severe injuries. The rapper showed love to Vancouver and vowed to return.

    Others feel it was an act of solidarity by Druski in support of his friend, Canadian rapper Drake. The comedian and the rapper have a dynamic relationship characterized by much collaboration, hilarity, and occasional warnings. Druski appeared in Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later” music video and, on several occasions, has parodied Drake’s signature dance movements and melancholic lyrics in his skits. It’s not entirely void of warning moments, however. Drake had once called out Druski after the comedian would make jokes about Young Money leader Birdman.

    Speaking candidly in an interview with Billboard in 2022, Druski reminisced about his first meetings with Drake, saying it was comparable to meeting a head of state. “I’m sitting in the room, and they’re like, ‘Drake will come and talk to you.’ Guys are coming in and clocking me, and I’m like, ‘All right. Where’s he at?’ He comes in with like a fleet of security,” Druski recalled with his trademark humor. The addition of the encounter with Drake’s distinctive smell added a touch of humor to the friendship, emphasizing the larger-than-life presence of the Canadian superstar.

    In turn, Drake has expressed his time and again for Druski as well—perhaps one of the most notable moments being when he appeared on his Instagram Live not too long ago to provide him with a tour of his Toronto mansion just after releasing “Certified Lover Boy.” Their banter and further drive ensured that all was well between them. People have seen this for themselves since then on many different occasions, both on and off social media. Their friendship remains solid despite recent challenges and playful jabs about life post-album.

    In music and entertainment, where beef and bromances can intermingle at any second, Druski created another layer to the tangent. Whether it was a showcase of being loyal to a friend or just personal preference, he’s certainly made his statement. All eyes are on what the comedian will do next as others debate the situation. Will he continue to make waves in the music scene or return to his comedic roots? Only time will tell.


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