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    Drake Popularizes Afrobeats and More

    Drake popularized Afrobeats

    has been accredited to being a ‘wave’ starter. He jumps from genre to genre creating music that fits. He’s explored the Caribbean vibe, Atlanta trap, Afrobeats, and currently, UK inspired rap.

    Call Drake a culture vulture or an appropriator if you want but at the end of the day, you can’t argue the fact that he is at the top of the game. His ability to shift to different genres is something that is very underappreciated. To assimilate at the speed that he does is no simple task.
    Drake Popularizes Afrobeats and More

    Twitter came after Drake for saying that he deserved the credit for popularizing afrobeat.

    Now as bold of a statement as that was, was he wrong?

    He made sure to state that he was nowhere near the best at making Afrobeat music. His statement is that people weren’t exploring afrobeat as heavily until his release of One Dance. He’s not wrong.

    Since his small stint in the Afrobeat genre, artists like Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido have been given a larger stage to perform on, figuratively and literally.

    Their music was always great and deserving of the credit that they are receiving. Drake believes this too. He just claims that he is partially responsible for creating these opportunities.

    As a result of his contributions, we have mainstream artists working with more Afrobeat inspired music, artists, and even remixing some classics. Cardi B recently did her own remix to by Davido which came out in 2017. Therefore is it crazy to give Drake credit?

    Afrobeats is taking the world by storm.

    Drake’s contribution to the genre should be seen as such. A contribution. He’s not the creator or even the best, but the credit that he is due is valid. Afrobeats was an inspiration, as a result, he made music that sounded like it. He is a musical chameleon, therefore, expect him to keep changing his style to what he likes or whatever is popular at the time.

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    Should Drake receive the credit for popularizing Afrobeats or is he talking crazy?

    Should Drake stop making music inspired by other people’s cultures?

    Stay tuned to stay up to date on the world of hip hop.

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