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    Dr. Maya Angelou, America’s First Black Woman To Appear On A Coin

    Dr. Maya AngelouDr. Maya Angelou is one of the greatest literary scholars of the twentieth century, setting ablaze an unrelenting beat. She is an artist of beautiful song and word, her poetry is sweet like her home, Arkansas. Dr. Angelou is known for her great works, especially I Know Why Caged Birds Sing. It is a prolific coming-of-age autobiography of her early life and traumatic experiences. The book denotes racism, violence, sexuality, childhood rape and teen pregnancy. The book is critically acclaimed as a New York Times bestseller. The piece is also a nominee of The National Book Award, although it’s taboo. Because of Angelou’s dedication to literature over decades, she earned a spot on a United States quarter dollar. Surely, Maya is the first African American woman to mint the quarter dollar. She is still an inspiration for many 53 years later.

    Dr. Maya Angelou’s Promise To Literature

    Dr. Angelou’s dedication to the gift of word supersedes a number of white male literary scholars. Alternatively, she broke societal norms during the Jim Crow era; she  was a rebel for her people. In spite of, she stands as a face for Black women and literature. The poet’s government name is Marguerite Annie Johnson born on April 4, 1928, according to Brittanica. She falls under the star sign, Aries.

    Undoubtedly, the scholar’s I Know Why A Caged Bird Sings became a course adoption at college campuses around the world. Thirty of her book titles earned bestselling titles out of her 36 written titles.

    Minting The US Quarter Dollar

    According to New York Times, Dr. Angelou becomes the first black woman to posthumously appear on a US coin. Owing herself continual success, the coin is the first series of commemorating pioneering American Women.

    “It is my honor to present our nation’s circulating coins, celebrating American women and their contributions to American history.” –Ventris C. Gibson

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