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    Donald Trump Storms Out Briefing Over Retweet Question

    President Donald Trump stormed out out a briefing on Coronavirus when a reporter asked him about his prior “retweets”.

    Donald Trump is known for his tweets and retweets but the president didn’t like it when one reporter brought them up during a recent briefing.

    The current administration handling of the Coronavirus has been in question ever since the pandemic began. In spite of medical advice from advisors like Dr. Anthony Faucci, Trump and his team didn’t take the virus seriously.

    Even more, on multiple occasions, members of the cabinet including the President made remarks downplaying COVID-19.

    After a falling out with Dr. Faucci and referring to other unqualified sources, Forty-Five appears ready to change his tune. Before storming out of the briefing Trump said that his relationship with the doctor is “Very good”.

    However, in his bratty child way, the President did sound Jealous of Faucci’s approval rating.

    “He’s got this high approval rating. So why don’t I have a high approval rating with respect — and the administration — with respect to the virus? -the president asked reporters.

    The seriousness of this years upcoming election is evident, Trump is President, Kanye West is running, and they both can win in this country. Between Kanye’s rally’s and Trumps retweet history alone, both clearly need mental help.

    In other news, yall acting president is up to his divide ways again.

    What are your thoughts on the Donald Trump retweet situation? Is the President childish for storming out of a briefing?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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