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    Doja Cat Might Be Partnering With Taco Bell In The Near Future

    In recent months, several celebrities have partnered with their favorite fast-food chains. For instance, Saweetie collaborated with Mac Donalds to release her specialty meal. She even went above and beyond by debuting her Mac Donald-themed nails to promote her partnership. Clearly, HipHop stars love promoting their favorite restaurants. Even Doja Cat might come out with the next celebrity sponsored meal. Fans already suspect that the rapper might be partnering with Taco Bell in the near future.

        Fans Predict An Upcoming Taco Bell Collab

    Doja Cat
    via Thirsty For News

    HipHop and rap stars aren’t strangers to fast-food chain collabs. In fact, many stars had meals named after them, such as Nelly’s Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal at Burger King. Now it looks like the rapper might have a Taco Bell combo meal named after her.

    For a while, fans speculated that the “Kiss Me More” rapper might have an upcoming collaboration with the popular food chain. Their assumptions all derived from a recent Taco Bell commercial that features Doja Cat’s “Get Into It” song. Moreover, the commercial promotes Taco Bell’s newest Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito. One fan tweeted, “Doja Cat cashing in those Taco Bell checks!! Just saw the commercial for ‘Get Into It.’ Do you think the Doja Meal is coming soon?” If Doja Cat strikes a deal with Taco Bell, she’ll more than likely have a certain pizza named after her.

                Doja Cat Loves Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

    Doja Cat
    via Mashed

    Any die-hard Doja Cat fan knows the rap star loves all things Taco Bell. The “Say So” rapper and singer has made it abundantly clear on social media that she’s a fan. Not to mention, she’s a huge fan of the food chain’s Mexican Pizza. Whilst speculating over Doja Cat’s collab with Taco Bell, fans also want the Mexican Pizza to make a comeback. If the fans can’t make it happen, Doja Cat certainly will.

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