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    Does Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson Punishment fit the Crime?

    The highly anticipated wait is over for the Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson verdict is out. Watson’s suspension will last for only six games with no additional fines. ESPN’s analyst Adam Schefter tweeted federal judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision about Deshaun Watson violating conduct policies. However, this has set many people in an uproar except Brown fans.

    According to a source, Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games by former federal judge Sue L. Robinson after violating the personal conduct policy.

    Many found this decision from Robinson a bit contradictory based on past grievances and verdicts around the league. This offseason, Atlanta Falcons WR Calvin Ridley was suspended for the entirety of the NFL season, reported Josh Kendall for The Athletic. Ridley’s suspension stems from gambling on games during the 2021 season. Granted, this jeopardizes the integrity of the entire NFL and looks bad. However, once people begin to compare sexual assault allegations to gambling and then begin to look at the severity of each and the results of each punishment. It’s fair to say, taking all into consideration this is a bit hypocritical.

    Deshaun Watson’s Impact on the Cleveland Browns

    During the 2022 season, the Cleveland Browns QB is set to miss six games. However, luckily for the Browns, their schedule doesn’t seem to get tough until the middle of their season. This means Watson’s absence will most likely have minimal effect on the Browns. Their team’s loaded and surrounded by veterans and an athletic supporting cast. The backup Jacoby Brisset has had some success in the league. However, he’s yet to prove to be a legitimate starter. The Browns will rely on star RB Nick Chubb to carry the Browns to victory.

    If Brisset can keep the turnover to a minimum they may have success in their time without Watson. Watson’s set to return against division rivals the Baltimore Ravens. Many are anticipating this exciting matchup for the world to see. These two stud QBs are facing off in week seven in Baltimore. This is no easy task for any QB, let alone Watson who’s yet to suit up in two seasons.

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