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    Details on Victims Killed at Mercy Hospital Shooting Unveiled

    After a fatal shooting on Monday at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital, three people have been confirmed dead.

    Witnesses say the shooter, Juan Lopez, 32, was seen arguing with Tamara O’Neal in the hospital’s parking lot, before shooting her multiple times. O’Neal and Lopez were reported to have dated in the past. Lopez then proceeded to enter the hospital, after O’Neal’s friend ran to get help. O’Neal was an emergency physician at Mercy Hospital.

    The other two victims were identified as Dayna Less, a pharmacist, and Samuel Jimenez, a police officer. Less, 25, had been with the hospital since July, as a first-year pharmacy resident. She was a graduate from Purdue University.

    Chicago police officer, Jimenez, 28, had joined the force last year. He had a wife and three children.

    The gunman was announced dead on the scene. It’s unclear if he took his own life, or if he was injured by police fire.

    Witnesses say patients and staff scrambled to find shelter amid the gunshots. Police officers worked fast to secure wings of the hospital, in hopes Jimenez wouldn’t harm others.

    Members of Chicago’s community have come together to mourn the loss of the three victims.

    “My heart is with Mercy Hospital in Chicago tonight. I am praying for the victims, their families, and those who were injured during the shooting this afternoon. And I am extremely grateful to the Chicago Police Department who responded with bravery,” said Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois.

    More details are developing.


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