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    Chief Keef Decks Out His Home With Art Worth A Few Stacks

    Someone tell Chief Keef that when Jay-Z preached about tripling your net-worth by investing in art, he probably didn’t mean images of the “Rugrats.”

    The young rapper must have skipped a few tracks on Jay’s 4:44, because he definitely didn’t purchase any art that looks like it’ll increase his worth in the next several years.

    Keef, who’s known for songs like “Love Sosa,” purchased a collection of art, valued at $40k. According to TMZ, the collection includes nostalgic pieces ripped from the Rugrats, Smurfs, and Simpsons. Mr. “Love Sosa” commissioned the art from Idiot Box Art, owned by Emily Bright and Tamara Martin.

    He spent the weekend hanging the cartoon images around his house. Sources say his son’s room has a completely new look. However, his daughters room is still incomplete. But, he plans to tackle her room next.

    Most of the artwork’s inspiration comes from popular 90’s television shows. The pieces, by Idiot Box Art, are made out of hand-cut wood, covered in acrylic paint, and receive coats of resin. Certain pieces are said to be anywhere from 2 to 15 feet in height.

    Must be nice!

    What do you think about his art selecton? Tell us what you think, using our comment section below.


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