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    Chicago Rapper VonOff1700 Struggles with Odor After Sexyy Red Hookup

    Controversy is nothing new in Chicago’s drill rap scene, however recent activity on social media by the up-and-coming VonOff1700 may well be unprecedented. In a recent social media exchange known for his no holds barred lyrics and unfiltered portrayal of street life, VonOff1700 has sparked an online firestorm stating something odd to some Walla hilarious.

    The rapper, whose tough-guy image is as fierce – if not mores! – than his music, allegedly complained that he couldn’t wash a stench off of himself after an alleged encounter with fellow emcee Sexyy Red. Perhaps the most baffling statement of all came via Reddit: This eyebrow-raising declaration blew up everywhere and had fans, naysayers alike shaking their heads in disbelief.

    VonOff1700 has carved out his niche in the Chicago rap scene. The spirit of independence in his music, often merged with loyalty and violence themes along with the harshness reality city life serves as a resonate point that has helped him receive acclaim. Nothing is typical about “On Deck,” a song that shows off his unique delivery and, more importantly for him already having (for so he says) an avid fanbase.

    However, his music has since been overshadowed by a recent comment making the rounds across all of internet-media. Reactions vary from delighted to revolted. Another Reddit user joked, “This has got to be a prank. And then I just cant stop laughing even though its gross! One even wrote plainly, “Is this real? This sounds like a stunt. As for what VonOff1700 was actually up to, well, that’s still just a storm in the online teacup.

    Yet the controversy has gone largely unreported by major media outlets, who may view it as a tiny blip on the internet radar. But, what would a context other than music news websites do when they delve deep into the latest escapades of Sexyy Red and VonOff1700 as part of their new Klan success story? This lack of support from the main-stream media only adds to the mystery and allows those speculating online a through line to continue building curious, Equifax-shaped pyres.

    Throwing another layer of mystery in, a TikTok photo is circulating reportedly showing VonOff1700 without his Nike “Shiesty” kicks. The public reacts to all of this as it suits his unique approach and personality, even in the smallest detail. The very unapologetic music and tough-guy image of VonOff1700 is likely a key factor in his fans sticking with him rode this (relatively small) beef out, but whatever the case may be one has to ask: can Volos’s brand survive another stanching musical scandal?

    Whether this is some ploy to set his name on fire or just a bad hygienic misstep, one thing we can all agree on: VonOff1700 has taken over the web for everything but music. While only time will tell what this does to his long-term career prospects, those wanting a peek behind the curtain at Bag belly, look no further than the video for “On Deck,” still an example of just how special he could be.

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