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    Céline Dion Announces Vegas Return with New Residency

    These moving companies will have Las Vegas moving! The legendary Celine Dion is returning to Vegas for an all-new residency, and who had less than a year from the conclusion of her most recent residency for a triumphant return between health crises! While the dates themselves are somewhat of a mystery, Dion’s announcement has stoked the embers of excitement in the hearts of her faithful followers.

    Dion’s return to the headlines comes after a little hiccup back in November 2021 – A couple of months ago, she was found to be suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder characterized by a combination of progressively increasing symmetric stiffness and lumbar hype lordosis, often accompanied by muscle spasms and featuring a wide range of symptoms affecting mobility and mood, and displayed real bravery when she chose to priorities her health over her residency at Resorts World Theatre. It was during this lull between finding her feet that her love affair with music sparked.

    Dion. however, hasn’t been deterred by the difficulties. Over the last few months, she has been hard at work with her creative team, finding new ways to connect during lockdown. The special will bring a new spectacle to Celine Dion fans everywhere as it attracts new generations of fans intrigued by her classics. The fresh take on her iconic discography is set to reunite audiences with an uncanny magic that has come to adopt for a lion’s share of a generation.

    The buzz for the return of Dion is through the roof. Her live shows continue to touch fans in a way that can only be felt live, there’s something special about a performer live that will never be matched, and Dion emotes every syllable with the most forehead-vein popping commitment. It is a wish to relive that magic, to see her strength and the power of her love for music come into the spotlight.

    We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the definitive dates but the one constant we know is that Celine’s rise is more than a return to the spotlight. This showcases her indomitable spirit, a motivational winning story. The new residency is the result of a very different perspective, combining the past with a new artistic trajectory. Allegiant Stadium and the Raiders are making significant strides toward their inaugural concert on the event floor, and as of Wednesday – Celine Dion fans around the world are waiting impatiently to again hear the pop icon live in Las Vegas.

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