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    BXTRM: HypeFresh Highlights New Artist At L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Houston’s beloved Bayou Boy, BXTRM, walks through L.O.U.D Muzik’s press junket with his high profile cheekbones and dominating streetwear. He demands attention of course. Without saying a word, he is entertainment’s upcoming throb. He sports a style of his own and wears it well.

    BXTRUM takes a seat at HypeFresh’s table for a few minutes to tell us about his artistry.

    HypeFresh Highlights BXTRM

    Who is BXTRM?

    BXTRM: BXTRM is a lover. He is a feeler, a singer/songwriter, a performer from Houston, Texas. I’m the Bayou Boy ready to make some noise.

    What kind of artist are you?

    B: I am an alternative, R&B, soul, pop, but really, pop is popular music. You know? So, it is what we make it. I like to put in some Rock influence. Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross, I’m influenced by a lot of people, inspired by a lot of people. I’m gonna be the male Beyonce. It’s tatted on me. I got all these clothes on, but it’s tattoo on me. Have you seen her merchandise pin? I have that pin tatted on me.

    Do you have any projects out now?

    B: I am releasing, I don’t have any projects out because I believe in handling your business first before you release your music. I’m filing 2 LLC’s this month, I drop next month in December. I’m gonna to do a rollout of three singles, then I’m going to do an EP. Expect visuals, expect fashion, expect the evocation of emotion. You’re gonna see emotion, you’re going to feel.

    More about BXTRM

    B: I’m a walking book, I’m a storyteller. My background is musical theater. I was a musical theater kid. I’m trained. I would go to regular school, and then I would go to musical theater school after regular school. The experience allows me to cultivate the dancing, the singing and being able to carry out a performance. I lived in Queens, I went to St. John University.

    What is your Instagram handle?

    B: It is @BXTRM! Follow me.

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