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    Britney Spears Father Files to End Conservatorship

    Britney Spears’ Career

    Becoming one of the biggest artists of all time. Selling over 100 million records worldwide, 70 million alone in the U.S.

    And having four solo number-one singles enter the Billboard Top 100 songs like Baby One More Time, Womanizer, 3, and Hold it Against Me. Britney Spears is someone that everyone has become to be known.

    Turmoil Throughout

    Ever since her growing career Spears, 32 has become the victim of what is known as conservatorship. Which is a court proceeding where a probate judge appoints a person to assume all legal authorship over another person.

    February 1st, 2008 is the date since Britney has been appointed into this conservatorship, which was given to her father, James Spears.

    She has not given a performance since 2018 and mentioned to the court she wasn’t going to perform until her father was out of said court proceeding.

    Thirteen years have gone by, Mr. Spears said in August that he would end the conservatorship “when the time was right.

    Britney Spears lawyer, Matthew Rosengart told AP in an email that he urged her father to terminate the conservatorship stating:

    “It seems Mr. Spears believes he can evade accountability and justice, such as avoiding a sworn deposition and providing other requested information under oath. While we review his filing (which was improperly shared with the media before being served to counsel), we will also explore all available options.”

    “We eagerly anticipate furthering our thorough investigation into Mr. Spears’ actions, as well as those of others, throughout the past 13 years. It is crucial to note that during this time, he has profited immensely from his daughter’s estate. Additionally, I am eager to conduct a sworn deposition of Mr. Spears in the near future,” stated Spears’ lawyer.

    Hope for the Singer

    For the first time in her conservatorship, Britney was able to select her own attorney. Recently, her father’s legal council has acknowledged Ms. Spears has the capacity to engage in all of her contractual and business matters.

    The next court hearing will be on September 29.

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