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    Bricc Baby Reveals Yungeen Ace Lost 6 Friends in Jacksonville Post Foolio’s Death

    Due to tragic events unfolding, rapper Bricc Baby came out recently and revealed that Yungeen Ace lost six friends in Jacksonville due to the murder of fellow rapper Julio Foolio. There is further development on this wave of violence and tension plaguing the rap scene in Jacksonville.

    Yungeen Ace, whose real name is Keyant Bullard, has also suffered tragic losses. He got ambushed and shot in 2018, which killed his brother and two other best friends. Ace had himself been hit several times but made it out alive. Ace continued his music rise, using such experiences as aids in the studio.

    Bricc Baby’s recent statement—“Ace has lost six more friends since Foolio’s passing”—seals the feeling of a spiral of violence that never stops within their community. Every loss is like being shown, quite visibly, how these feuds are real—not just about the people directly involved but also about families and all those people who are fans.

    Yungeen Ace is one of the famous YouTubers and rappers from Memphis, Tennessee. The sudden death of some of his friends, fellow rapper Foolio—who got brutally shot to death—seems to have affected him most. After that, he lost many others to gang violence and other tragic situations. He clearly sets this gamut of grief and loss through his videos on YouTube and social media.

    Since that fateful night when Julio Foolio was tragically shot, there have been a host of other incidents involving Yungeen Ace and his boys. Foolio is a Jacksonville rapper who was killed on his 26th birthday in Tampa, Florida. Here are some key points:

    During Foolio’s recent funeral in Jacksonville, friends and family sang his Yungeen Ace diss track “When I See You.” A video of this very unconventional sing-along reflected the beef between two rappers.

    Foolio and Yungeen Ace have been having problems with each other for quite some time. Their respective sets—Ace’s Top Killers, ATK; Foolio’s Kill Them All, KTA—have been going at it since, at the latest, 2015. They both have a big beef with each other on both sides: he was shot in a couple of instances, and Yungeen Ace went through eight bullets in 2018.

    Hours after the murder of Foolio, Yungeen Ace released a video for his song “Do It.” Though the track — which was seemingly recorded before Foolio’s killing — never names him, its new video coincidentally depicts elements of how Foolio was fatally shot. Their drama has spilled beyond Foolio’s grave.

    One of Foolio’s Instagram accounts has been trolling Yungeen Ace due to their ongoing beef. But following the release of this new song, Yungeen Ace chose to pen a love letter in response, leaving everyone confused.

    The KTA vs. ATK rivalry is a complicated web of violence and payback. One of the initial, prominent cases that initiated an increase in this rivalry was the killing of Zion Brown, who was a cousin of Foolio, in 2017. In retaliation, Yungeen Ace and his camp became targets, culminating in the 2018 ambush shooting from which he narrowly escaped.

    Years later, the violence would cycle around to as recently as 2019 outside Paradise Gentlemen’s Club, killing rapper Boss Goon and injuring several members of ATK. Foolio’s younger brother Adrian Gainer, known as Bibby, was killed in this very feud at Hill Top Village apartments in 2019.

    Foolio and Yungeen Ace used music to express the real deal to their respective fanbases. Pretty much everything seems smeared with the mud they trudged through, what they lost, who they lost, and who their listeners relate to. In the Jacksonville rap scene, Yungeen Ace became a major voice by having raw storytelling and emotion in his music.

    Therefore, Yungeen Ace’s experiences play a great part in shaping the way he creates. He uses his music as therapy to rid his mind of what has happened, which may sometimes be painful—for instance, losing friends and family members. He hopes to entrench that kind of feeling in people so that they will rise above what’s holding them back and experience peace by delivering hard lyrics with a powerful message.

    Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters says the community needs peace and resolution. The sheriff has been monitoring these groups involved in violent clashes with each other, cautioning there will be no acts of revenge/retribution.

    This calls for reconciliation at the community level. Initiatives such as police-community dialogue, livelihood support, and shared visions of a fair society will heal these wounds and foster understanding. It is time for collective efforts: empathy, active listening, and commitment to change.

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