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    Bebe Winans Tasked With Schooling Country Singer

    BMI Calls on Bebe Winans to “School” Country Singer Morgan Wallen 

    Recently, an alarming video leaked of Morgan Wallen, a famous country singer, using the N-word. BMI, a music rights management group, has asked gospel singer Bebe Winans to step in and ‘educate’ the country singer.

    Earlier this week, a video leaked of Wallen hurling the N-word and other vulgar words at friends as he walked into his home. In the video, the singer says: “Take care of this “p—–ass mother—–,” and then says, “Take care of this p——ass n——.” 

    Obviously, Wallen quickly responded to the leaked video. 

    “There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever,” and promising to “do better.”  Since then, music publisher BMI has released a statement on how they plan to move forward with Wallen. 

    BMI Follows Up By Condemning Wallen’s Comments

    Moreover, BMI released a statement saying, “BMI condemns the hateful and offensive racial slur recently used by Morgan Wallen.  While unacceptable, under the terms of our consent decree, BMI is mandated to accept all songwriters who want to be a part of our organization.”

    While Morgan Wallen will continue to be a BMI member, they elaborate on the plan to help “educate” the singer. They asked BMI advisor and gospel music star BeBe Winans to communicate directly with Morgan to “help him understand the gravity and impact of his words. Our hope is that BeBe’s outreach can help Morgan become a more inclusive and empathetic person.”

    The country singer is definitely suffering the consequences of his actions. Since the leaked video, Wallen is suspended indefinitely from his label, Big Loud. In addition, his playlists were removed from major playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

    Mickey Guyton Responds

    Black country singer Mickey Guyton is openly critical of the country music’s persistent racism. She shared whether or not she thinks the industry reaction to Wallen’s comments apart of ‘cancel culture.’

    Guyton elaborated in a tweet:

    “Lastly, I do not believe in cancel culture. Watching anyone fall from grace is a terrible thing to see. People must all be given a chance to change. Morgan must feel the weight of his words but completely throwing someone away is detrimental to anyone’s mental health.”

    Who knows if Bebe Winans is open to the gesture. Nonetheless, Black people in any walk of life should not have to right whites’ wrongs, famous or not.

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