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    Australian Rapper Young6ix Makes He’s Clear He’s Not Average On “Spin It”

    At just 19 years old, Young6ix has already amassed a huge reputation from his hometown of Mount Druitt, Australia. He has a heavy influence in the Sydney suburbs drill rap scene. He’s even been featured on the cover of Spotify’s “The Drip” playlist and was named Apple Music’s “Next Up Artist.” The guy has it made in the shade and he’s just getting started.

    Having learned from greats like Lil Durk, NBA Youngboy and 50 Cent, Young6ix has crafted his own unique and powerful sound. On top of having great rap skills, he also likes to mix things up. Moreover, Young6ix often moves between music genres like Drill, Trap and Rap genres. Furthermore, the Australian rapper brings his own unapologetic and raw energy to the centerfold, making it clear he’s more than the average rapper.

    Recently, the teenager dropped his latest offering “Spin It” which pretty much spells out that he’s far from the average rapper. On this track, Young6ix lets fans know he’s different than the rest.

    Young6ix Doesn’t Do Basic Records

    When it comes to Young6ix, the teenager knows how to keep listeners on their toes and tuned into his unique sound. Like he said on his earlier track from this year, he’s “Built Different.” Raw, powerful and never sorry, the Australian rapper stands by what he says, even if his words do offend you. “Spin It” finds the young and brazen rapper refusing to hold back. Rapping over drill beats, under flashing lights and shadows, alongside his featurette Namz and crew, Young6ix makes his “demon time” seem effortless.

    The Young Rapper Has It All

    via Complex

    When it comes to Young6ix, he never settles for the “basic” lifestyle. Instead, the rapper is coming for the crown. He made it clear right from the start that he’s ready to take over the rap scene. Not to mention, he’s changing the industry on a huge level. Young6ix separates himself from current trends and instead aims for music that he likes. The Australian rapper plans to drop another project later on in 2022. Furthermore, he’ll continue to evolve in his music and build his fanbase. Be sure to keep up with more on the Australian rapper Young6ix.



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