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    Audiomack Releases New Monetization Program For All Artists

    Audiomack Is Putting Control Back Into The Artist’s Hands

    Are you an independent artist struggling to make money from your music streams? Audiomack is releasing a platform so you can start generating revenue for your creative genius.

    Audiomack AMP Streaming

    The Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) allows creators from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to generate revenue through Audiomack. They are aiming to expand to Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America in 2021. Artist that have amassed over 10,000 streams on their Audiomack account are eligible to qualify for this program. You can apply for AMP at this link:

    Audiomack claims to offer the shortest line between uploading your music and getting paid. When you gain $50 or more from your music streams, you are allowed to cash out from your account. They breaks down their payment calculations as followed:

    • “Revenue Per Stream” = Revenue Generated from advertisements and subscriptions (minus costs) / the number of total streams on the Audiomack platform in a calendar month.
    •  AMP creators are paid based on the number of streams of their monetized content, multiplied by the “revenue per stream,” multiplied by the AMP revenue share, which is fifty (50%) percent.

    The hardest part about being an independent creative, is finding ways to earn revenue from your art. AMP is a great move to help independent artist become discovered by fans and earn money from their music. This is another digital streaming platform to earn money from just like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and other streaming platforms.

    Read more about AMP here.

    Will you be joining the Audiomack Monetization Program to earn money for your music?

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