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    Atlanta’s Dri Jack Takes Full Control On Newly Released EP “The Other Side”

    Not trying to be biased, but why is it that Atlanta produces the best artists? Just look at their recent track history. You have artists like 21 Savage and Chloe X Halle that are now bigger than their own music. It’s safe to say we practically know Atlanta as the new hotspot in music. But I bet you didn’t know there’s a new artist who goes by Dri Jack, who could have the same success.

    “Princess of College Park”

    The self-proclaimed “Princess of College Park”, Dri Jack, is surely an artist that you need to keep your eye on. Sonically, she has to be one of the most skilled vocalists in the Atlanta R&B scene. It truly feels as if no one else can compare to her because it feels like she is in a league of her own. These past 2 years have shown that she has the potential to be the next face of R&B.

    Dri Jack recently released her new EP The Other Side, and it’s straight pressure. This 6-song EP shows that nobody else can compare to her unique vocal abilities. She poetically opens the project with “2 Hearts”. This bouncy, drill-influenced production matches well with Dri’s hypnotic vocals. You want to know what’s even crazier? She sounds better over drill beats than some of these drill rappers.

    Out of all the songs, my favorite track has to be “Feel A Way”. Dri Jack is at her best when she’s provided with vibrant production. She seriously sounds like genuinely having fun on this track based on her energy. This is one of those songs that should be playing at every nightclub, because of how energetic it is.

    Bringing Something New

    Unless you’re bringing something new to the table, as Dri Jack did in this EP, there’s no point in even dropping. What’s the point of doing something that’s already been done? With that being said, make sure to stream The Other Side on Spotify below.

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