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    Ari Lennox’s New Album ‘Age/Sex/Location’ Is Right On Time

    We all know that good music isn’t created overnight. Sometimes it takes months, even days, just to complete one song. For example, Ari Lennox hasn’t dropped a full-length album in over 3 years. Because if you remember, “Shea Butter Baby” dropped in 2019. So seeing her finally release her newly released album, age/sex/location, it’s safe to say that the songstress hasn’t missed a beat.

    Far From Overnight Success

    I have always been extremely impatient when it comes to wanting new music. As I got older, and realized how many factors go into making just one song alone. It could be the label, could be the artist, and sometimes it is nobody’s fault. The point I am getting at is that there’s a reason that Ari Lennox hasn’t dropped in 2 years. But would you rather see her rush an album that comes and goes? Or witness her carefully craft another timeless masterpiece that you have to wait multiple years for?

    After listening to age/sex/location, I didn’t mind waiting that long, since the quality was so top-notch. Just a few weeks ago, people claimed R&B was no more. How can that be true if Ari Lennox is still making fire music like this? The disrespect must stop. She dropped this album at truly the best time possible, and it surely made haters eat their words.

    Relax and Unwind

    Get your bath started and light some candles when you unwind and listen to this album. With a run-time of 41 minutes, it’s so concise it will be over before you know it. What I do like about this album is that the features feel perfectly placed and complement Ari’s energy. The standout guest appearance to me was Chloe Bailey on “Leak It”. I wish Chloe went this hard on her music, because she gave it her all on this track.

    In conclusion, this album is a beautifully curated body of work. Stream age/sex/location on Spotify below.

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