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    Yeezy Rant Sweepstakes Continues In Chicago

    Yeezy can’t help but keep himself out of the news lately.

    Kanye, has made it known that he plans to use his ability to utilize free speech to its full extent. As always Kanye can’t help but to share his views regardless if anyone asks for it or not.

    Last week we saw the Chicago native wearing a MAGA hat during the week, which really rubbed the urban culture the wrong way. Then it was on Saturday Night Live that we saw Yeezy back at his rant, with the underlying message that we need to love and not to hate.

    Mr. West made his latest scene while at an art school giving a speech while standing on a desk. A clip of the encounter was recorded at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. Mr. West spoke in regards to cause and effect from a creative standpoint, emphasizing on things relating to “Elon Musk”.

    Clearly, Kanye has gone off the deep end when it comes to rationalizing. What are your thoughts? Had enough Yeezy yet? Share your thoughts!!

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