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    Viper’s “Say What U Wanna” encourages listeners to be true to themselves

    Viper’s latest release, “Say What U Wanna,” is a vibrant and infectious pop duet that leaves listeners feeling empowered and inspired. The Miami-based singer/songwriter delivers a powerful message of self-acceptance and self-love, urging listeners to speak their truth and be unapologetically themselves.

    The track is a fusion of genres, blending pop, alternative rock, house, and soul to create a unique sound that will tap your toes. It’s short and sweet but leaves a lasting impression, leaving you wanting to start the track repeatedly.

    Viper’s passion and energy are evident in every note of “Say What U Wanna.” The track’s upbeat and catchy melody perfectly complements her powerful vocals and dynamic range. The duet aspect of the song adds an extra layer of depth and emotion, making it a truly captivating listen. Overall, “Say What U Wanna” is a must-listen for anyone who needs a boost of self-confidence or a reminder to be true to themselves. Viper’s message is clear: be proud of yourself and never be afraid to speak your truth.

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