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    Veganism in Philly: Stand Out Black Owned Restaurants In The City

    VEGANISM IN PHILLYVeganism is new religion in America, winning over the lifestyles of folks across the country in droves. As the subject grows more popularity, African American folks are stepping out as proud vegans, but with a twist. African Americans across the country are catching wind and honey, the wind smells good. Black folks are adopting veganism and making it savory and flavorful.

    Philadelphia is a city of carnivores who heirloom Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies, roast pork sandwiches and soft pretzels. These are delicacies native to Philly, being the tradition will never die. So, for folks who are vegan, this tradition can be a pain. Before the great vegan fad, vegans would have to mostly prepare meals at home. Going out to dinner would be a chore, having to choose boring menu items like broccoli and lettuce salads. But thanks to a new wave of folks who are introducing veganism to mainstream restaurant-ism, health is glamourous.

    New Philly Veganism Society

    The City of Brotherly Love is expressing the magnitude of brotherly love by making room for vegans. The carnivore society usually consider vegans to be annoying; however, Black folks are creating spaces for vegans to have soulful options. Why can’t healthy food taste amazing? We will delve into three stand out Black owned restaurants in Philly.

    1. All The Way Live— for the true raw vegans, All The Way Live is doing their part, supplying health nuts with yummy alkaline foods. According to Gridphilly, All The Way Live specializes in a surplus of colorful salads and dishes and soups. This location nestles inside Germantown, a true gem for locals and tourists.

    grilled mushroom
    balsamic grilled mushroom.selective focus.

    2. Go Vegan Philly— is where plant based meets the carnivore taste palate. Go Vegan Philly is recreating dishes from crab cakes to fried fish fillets. They provide guilty pleasure without the guilt. Get your desserts and that comforting slice of moist cornbread—made from plants.

    Crab Cakes with Lemon and Tartar Sauce
    Crab Cakes with Lemon and Tartar Sauce

    3. The Nile Cafe— For all the soul food lovers, this is for you. According to The Green Cities, The Nile Cafe pumps the comfort quite the healthy manner. From roast duck to sweet and savory BBQ dishes, this restaurant is in the lead for making vegan food feel like home.

    Traditional vegan roast duck
    Traditional vegan roast duck


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